Have you seen our wooden cards? If not, it’s time you checked them out!! They are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself…


This was the second range of cards I made, in my never-ending quest to find sustainable paper products. With the popularity of wooden cards increasing, I’m pretty glad Papette was one of the first to produce an Australian made range, early in 2013.

Our wooden cards are printed on real Mahogany wood. One of the best features is that a wooden card used 30% less tree than a paper card of the same size! Amazing right? Plus, the wood is from a sustainable source and milled in a solar power plant. No water, chemicals or non-renewable energy is used during production and our lovely Melbourne based printer plants a tree for every order we place, so we can make sure we are giving back a little more than we are taking with every order.

Aside from all the awesome environmental benefits, you also get a totally unique design, originally hand-drawn by me. The inspiration behind the illustrations was mother-nature; I love the organic, natural shapes and I wanted to create simple, timeless cards. With a hit of red, to keep things interesting!

The range covers all of the major milestones; weddings, birthday, babies and more plus there is a collection of super cute little gift tags, because, let’s face it, everything is better in mini!! All the cards are available on the Etsy store, and will be available right here on the website in the coming weeks.

Happy Shopping!! xx





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