Wouldn’t we all love an amazing romantic getaway to the pristine beaches of Thailand! Well, this is exactly what Sonia and Steven did for their wedding and from my cold desk this afternoon, I’m just a teeny bit jealous.




Sonia was a delight to work with. She had so many great idea’s, but was still happy for me to put my own creative spin on them. I love the travel theme that she carried through all the stationery.

We began with a post-card style Save the Date card, which were sent about a year in advance (I wish we could all be this organised!) giving their guests plenty of time to book their flights and plan their holiday.

When it came time to do the invitations, we used a passport style layout, but incorporated the colours and fonts from the Save the Date card, so it all tied in together perfectly. As always for overseas weddings, there was a lot of information to include in the design. Having a multi-page invitation meant everything was included in one neat little package. The finished invitation was small enough that guests could pop it in their travel pouch and bring it with them!

The wedding looked like it was great fun!! I mean, how could I not be, given the backdrop. I’m a big fan of overseas weddings, the mood, the weather, the fun, the adventure… it all makes for such a great day. I’m stoked I could help create a little bit of the magic for this special day.








Here’s what Sonia had to say…

We always knew we wanted a beachy relaxed wedding, which ended up being a destination wedding in Thailand! We met overseas and have spent a lot of time travelling, so we wanted this to be a big part of our wedding day. The postcard for our save the date cards, was perfect to get our guests excited for their overseas adventure.

When we were planning the wedding invitations, we spent hours trolling the internet for something that would make our invitations a little different. When we settled on the passport idea, it was a perfect fit! We decided to include stamps in the design with the date we met and places we had travelled together. We included a map of the venue and a perforated self-addressed post card to send back for RSVP’s. We loved how everything fit together so neatly in one little book. They were perfect and we received so many compliments on how fantastic they were.

Thank you Papette, for making the invitations process so easy and enjoyable.




Wedding day pics by Mr Nho

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